About Us

Why Experience Jordan

We specialize in adventure and experiential tours of the Middle East, offering hiking, biking and experiential sightseeing tours. Our experienced guides will take you off the beaten path, to see the real highlights of the region, meeting the people, experiencing the hospitality and tasting the delights of the Middle East.


We aim to be the best inbound tour operator in the Middle East, offering you the perfect trip, tailored to your specific requirements at affordable prices, with excellent customer service.  


We know you’ll love our trips, because they are all the result of our own adventures around the region, sharing all the authentic treasures we have found and love.  All the Experience Jordan team love exploring and we’re here to help you create the perfect tour for your needs, whether it’s sightseeing, hiking, cycling or family adventures.  Do you want to stay with a local family, camp out under the stars in the desert, learn to cook Arabic food, explore the markets, ride a camel, engage with the people and even learn some Arabic greetings?  Our international team has travelled the world, so we know what it’s like to be travellers, so we aim to give you outstanding service and include the best practices we’ve learned global into our trips.


We really believe we can provide you with the best holiday you’ve ever had … anywhere.  Let us take care of the arrangements for your holiday of a lifetime.

Our Mission

Improving lives through Adventure Tourism in Jordan


Experience Jordan exists:


– to create exciting, meaningful and rewarding careers for its staff and shared wealth for its owners, employees and partners,


– delighting our customers by providing exceptional experiential and adventure tours of Jordan,


– passionate people working for good in Jordan, improving the lives of our customers, suppliers and the wider community

Our Vision

Be the best company in Jordan

Experience Jordan seeks to be financially and ethically successful as the leading provider for adventure and experiential tours of Jordan, improving lives of customers, staff, suppliers and the wider community through continually innovating, pioneering and developing the growth of adventure tourism in Jordan in a socially and environmentally ethical and sustainable manner.

Our Core Values



We aim to treat others as we would like to be treated.


The world needs more love in it. We try to let love guide how we act, loving our customers, caring for each other and our suppliers and partners. We aim to treat others as we want to be treated, with love, respect, honour and compassion. We value diversity, with a very varied team of fantastic people from different backgrounds, genders, nationalities and religious views. We care about our team and want people to fulfil their potential. We aim to provide career opportunities for our team to continually grow and develop in their roles.




We strive for excellence and to be the best at what we do


We are a customer service company creating dream holidays. We want to wow our customers, with outstanding service, based on our in-depth experience and attention to detail helping guests to enjoy the wonders of the country. We are determined to continually improve, being available, reliable and responsive to our customers’ needs. We love to take on challenges creating new and interesting tours, delivering beyond expectations.




Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching


We care about how we get the job done. We hold ourselves to a high standard and seek to work with integrity, honesty and humility. We will be open and honest with our communication.  We are all travellers ourselves, so will treat you as we would hope to get treated when we travel. If we make mistakes, we’ll admit it and do our utmost to fix it in a way that is acceptable to our customers and goes beyond what they expect. Integrity also means we know what we’re selling, spending hundreds of hours exploring the country, looking for and testing the best experiences, trails and accommodation options in the country.


Adventure & Fun


Living life to the full and having lots of adventures


We work in adventure travel because we love it. Many of us left higher paying jobs to work in an industry we are excited about. We want to live life to the full, which means being adventurous and having lots of fun. We are passionate people, seeking to continually innovate and be courageous in what we do, whether that’s developing exciting new trips or trialling new experiences for our guests. Although we’re serious about our work, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and love to laugh.


Innovation and Creativity


Striving to innovate and be creative in all we do


We like to be entreprenuerial and create new things. We are always looking for new and unique experiences to add to our trips, and work hard to develop new products, such as the creation of Jordan Bike Trail and playing a leading role in the development of the Jordan Trail. We understand every customer is spending a lot of their hard earned savings to book a holiday, and they want it to be perfect. We respect that and enjoy the creative side of building itineraries to meet the needs of our guests.


Changing the World


The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the one who do – Steve Jobs


We truly want to change the world. Maybe we can’t improve life for everyone, but we can certainly make a difference in some people’s lives, one at a time, and each life counts.


We believe making profit and social development are not mutually exclusive. We seek to help build sustainable future for our staff, suppliers and partners. We are seeking to apply the UN Global Goals in our organisation, seeing where we can contribute and make a difference.


Whether that’s pioneering Leave No Trace practices in reducing waste and caring for our natural playground, creating employment opportunities in tourism in rural communities, paying fair wages or promoting the use of re-usable water bottles. We are continually assessing the impact and implications of what we do, and truly want to play our part to make the world a better place.


… and World Peace


Playing our part to reduce inequality and create opportunities


Adventure tourism has a great part to play. We recognise that one of the causes of troubles in the world is down to economic hardships. High unemployment and lack of opportunities can and has lead to revolutions or radicalisation in various forms in the region. Adventure Tourism is a great vehicle for providing employment opportunities in rural communities often which don’t benefit from more traditional mass tourism. Since 2014 we have been continually developing new hiking and cycling routes across Jordan that not only take in some dramatic and varied natural scenery, but also create a variety of employment opportunities for local trekking and cycling guides, homestay providers, wilderness camping support team, meals and food providers and general supply shops. It’s a very small part, but it contributes to the economic development of the country, the distribution of wealth out from the cities to the rural areas and offers interesting career options for many people. We have also have feedback from a large number of both our customers and local providers who’ve appreciated the opportunity to connect with people from different nationalities and backgrounds, build friendships and breakdown misconceptions.


We love what we do, and hope that comes through as you Experience Jordan with us.

Sustainable & Responsible Tourism

Jordan has so many treasures, both its natural environment, and its people. At Experience Jordan we are committed that the experiences we offer help to protect and replenish the environment and create wealth and better futures for communities across Jordan.


We are one of the companies that helped with the development of the Jordan Trail.  The trail is helping to create new adventures and generating income across Jordan.  In 2014 and 2015 one of our team, Amjad, spent his time hiking and mapping the length of the entire country.  This work has been combined with the work of other companies, hikers and guides from across the outdoor scene in Jordan, and now a national trail association has been established.  Amjad has moved on to help with the association and many others are involved and the trail is growing to become one of the best hiking trails in the world.  The result is a 630Km 36-day hiking trail featuring some of the most unique landscapes in the world and passing through some of Jordan’s poorest communities. Sections of the hike, such as Dana to Petra have been acknowledged by National Geographic as one of the top ten multi-day hikes in the world.

Out of a love for nature, we started weekly hikes and cultural experiences every weekend, where tourists, expats and local Jordanians could come together, get out of the city and experience Jordan’s lesser known treasures. On each of these trips we teach people about the philosophy of “Leave No Trace”, and spreading the word about keeping the country clean. We always finish our hikes collecting extra trash and leaving each route cleaner than when we started.

Our Adventure Loving Team

Matt Loveland

Matt is the co-founder and General Manager
Matt’s background includes being a Chartered Engineer, Project Manager and Climbing Instructor. He fell in love with Jordan in 2006.

Ayman Abd-AlKareem

Ayman works as a hiking and canyoning guide. When he’s not hiking with work, he’s hiking with friends. He’s famous in Jordan for his smile and his amazing meals he cooks in the middle of nowhere.

Ahlam Serhan

Ahlam is our go to girl for anything, a qualified yoga instructor, graphic designer, project manager and all round coolest girl in town.

Basma Hayudini

Basma manages all our regional tours, an expert on both Jordan and Israel / Palestine. She’s a private person, but we think she’s an MMA fighter in her spare time.

Jawad Abu Rumman

Jawad is one of our guides who also manages local trips so anyone can explore this beautiful country. He is an accountant who loves sports, nature and Jordan. Whether in Ajloun, the Dead Sea or in a Wadi, he enjoys sharing the beauty of Jordan with others. 

Tala Dabain

Tala joined the Experience Jordan Team to pursue her passion of photography, hiking, nature and adventures.

She is ambitious, sees beauty all around her, lives life with passion and purpose, she also puts her heart into everything she does.

Her motto in life is: Never give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, you can never go wrong

Andy Nurse

Andy is our product development manager. After having moved here with only his backpack, his first task with Experience Jordan was the development of the Jordan Bike Trail. Camping from north to south swept him of his feet, therefore, he has no plans of leaving this beautiful country. 

Anton Al-Sager

Anton manages our cycling tours and loves to discover new routes and passageways to add to his everlasting list. From up north in Umm Qais all the way to Aqaba in the south you can see him riding his bike. 

Mahmoud Attal

Mahmoud has joined experience Jordan in 2017 and aspires to be the youngest licensed adventure guide in Jordan. He is ambitious, open to learn new things, enjoys adventure and hiking. He gained a love for the outdoors from an early age, and is also in love with sports such as soccer. In his free time, you can see him climbing over every mountain in the country.  

Karl Sorri

Karl joined the team in 2017 in order to connect adventure tourists with rural communities, beautiful scenery, and unique experiences. He loves the fact that there is so much to do and explore across the varied landscapes of Jordan, and is seriously impressed by Experience Jordan’s sustainable approach and values. He is always on the lookout for new adventures. 

Raísa Jorge

Raisa holds a degree in Journalism but has become one of our tour operators by passion. As an adventure seeker, she is a fortunate person who has chosen two careers leading to the greatest experiences one can possibly have: New places, tastes, essences, people and their life-changing stories. Her journey through the Middle East & Asia started in 2012 and it is nowhere close to an end.

Our Story

Travelling is about creating memories, new experiences, broadening your horizons and perspectives. Travelling allows you to step away from the norm, and see new places and meet new people.   We know that travel can be life-changing.  It’s the time when we dream about life, what we want, where we are going.  Many of us have made life-altering decisions whilst travelling, as we seek to get perspective on everything we’re doing and make choices about the future.


We try to provide opportunities to truly experience and engage with a different culture and some of the world’s most amazing natural wonders.  Our trips allow you to really see Jordan, meet the people, hear their stories and experience the culture.

Our History

In 2004 whilst at university I wrote a business plan for a “life changing” tour company, life changing for both the travellers and the local people.  The vision was for tours where the travellers see and experience the real destination, off the beaten path, engage with the people and culture and where the locals truly benefit through ethical and responsible tourism.  I wanted to create a business that I believed in, one that both I and others would enjoy working for.


My own life has been changed and shaped by my travels and encounters with so many people around the world, and I wanted to create experiences that were equally life changing both for travellers and the locals.

In 2008, after time living in China, the US and back in my home England, I moved to Jordan and fell in love with this historic and beautiful country and its amazing people. Experience Jordan was born.  We aim to provide authentic adventures and the best tours of Jordan, where you truly experience this wonderful country, enjoy the hospitality of its generous and kind people, learn about the culture, history and even language and have lots of fun.


As part of our commitment to the people of Jordan, we continue to pioneer new tours and experiences to create jobs and generate income for our local partners throughout the country, both in Amman, but also in the rural communities and Bedouin families across Jordan.


All our staff share a passion for adventure and a love for Jordan.  We are always out looking for new treasures, undiscovered natural hot springs, exciting cycling trails, beautiful walks or camping spots to watch the sunset, relax and drink Bedouin tea.


Let us help you to Experience Jordan


Matt Loveland – Chief Experience Officer