Day Trips

Weekly hikes, trips & events for tourists and locals to Experience Jordan together

We love to get out on the weekends and explore Jordan.  Come and join us for a hike, a bike ride, exploring a canyon or one of our cultural events, such as wine tasting or clay modelling.  We can also arrange any of our trips as a private trip for your group.  Just get in touch.


Cooking Class

Cooking Class in Ajloun for groups (6-10 people)

Easy- Suitable for families

Get your friends, family members or work colleagues (6-10 people), we will go to Ajloun to enjoy a memorable, intimate experience as a local family welcomes you into their home for a cooking class.
interact with the family while learning how to cook your favoraite traditional Jordanian dishes like “Magloubeh”. Prepare a meal that highlights the region’s fresh, seasonal ingredients and then sit down with the family to enjoy your creation. You’ll surely enjoy this unique cultural experience in Ajloun.
The price for this trip depends on the number of participants.
Support the locals, cook your own food and enjoy it!


To book a cooking class for your group call us on 0796475717 🙂


Jordan Cultural Trips

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(Village Experience)

Cultural trips around the beautiful Jordan, to know more about art galleries and cafes, museums, traditional food, handicrafts, and the underground music scene in Jordan.

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Wadi Rum Trip

We organise regular trips to one of the most spectacular desert sceneries on earth

Overnight Trip

We leave Amman on Friday at 8am, and arrive at Wadi Rum around noon. On the first day we’ll visit Kazali canyon, Little Bridge and the sand dunes. Then we’ll hike for about 1 hour to our campsite. On the second day we’ll start early in the morning (after having our breakfast), hiking up for about 1-2 hours up to Um Froth rock bridge, then visit to Lawrence’s house, have a light lunch and head back to Amman, arriving back around 6-7pm
-Please wear comfortable and supportive shoes, sun protection including sunscreen, sunglasses and hat, and appropriate hiking clothing and anything else you may need for an overnight trip.

Transportation from our meeting point in Amman to Wadi Rum is included.

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Dana To Petra

Walk from Dana to Ptra

5 Days

The Dana to Petra trek was rated as one of the world’s best hikes by National Geographic. Let us show you why. We arrange all the logistics, so you can just hike and enjoy the amazing scenery.
This Walk can be taken as a stand alone trip, or as a bolt on to one of our other Jordan sightseeing tours to include Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea, Amman and more of Jordan’s sites.
This trip has been arranged specifically for Expats living in Amman to take the trip over the Eid holiday. However, it is open to tourists visiting Jordan to join as well
A minimum number of 8 participants are required for this trip.

5 day trek from Dana Nature Reserve to the ancient city of Petra.
Walk through the 4 biosphere climates of Dana.
Enter Petra via the back route past the Monastery.
Enjoy the hospitality of our Bedouin guides.

The price for this trip is 675JD per person.

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Jordan Valley Triathlon & Duathlon

Sat 26th March 2016

The race is an off-road adventure Triathlon and Duathlon. The Triathlon combines open-water swimming, on and off-road cycling and cross-country running. The Duathlon consists of a cross-country run, a cycle leg and a second cross-country run. Both these races will test your fitness and commitment to the limit. This is not a standard triathlon in a swimming pool and on a smooth road or track. The terrain is challenging, and provides a beautiful setting to experience the hills of north Jordan and compete in a exciting event.

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Wadi Mukheires (lower trail)

Hiking in Wadi Mukheires(Lower Trail)

Moderate/Difficult – 6 km – 6 hours

Join us this Friday on our walk through (Wadi Mukheires), which is located in the middle of the Dead Sea hotel area. This Wadi includes some dramatic wild mountain scenery, and a surprising amount of vegetation and water. This wadi has a constant stream running through it, which provides much of the source of water for the tourist hotels at the Dead Sea.

There are several tricky rock steps which require the use of hands and feet, so your feet will be getting wet!


The price for this trip is 30JD per person.

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Wadi Hidan

Hiking and swimming in Wadi Hidan

Difficult – 5-6 hours

The season for Wadi Hidan is back! Join us on Saturday, for our special walk/swim through the amazing black canyon.

Located alongside king’s highway, which is near Madaba. This Wadi includes some dramatic wild mountain scenery, and a surprising amount of vegetation and water. A beautiful black basaltic canyon filled with narrow gorges, surprising amount of vegetation and fresh natural pools.

There are several tricky rock steps which require the use of hands and feet, so your feet will be getting wet!


The price for this trip is 30 JD per person.

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Wadi Himara (lower trail)

Hiking in Wadi Himara

Easy/Moderate – 3-4 hours

Join us on a short hike (1.5k each way) through Wadi Himara by the Dead Sea. This will be an easy to moderate hike for a change of pace..

The hike begins at Wadi Himara, where you will have the chance to see rainwater pools, and breathtaking waterfall – truly some of Jordan’s best kept natural secrets! At the end of the walk, we will enjoy lunch together and have a chance to take in the awesome scenery and the camaraderie of your fellow Weekly Walkers!

There are several tricky rock steps which require the use of hands and feet, so your feet will be getting wet!


The price for this trip is 30 JD per person.

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Bergesh Cave to Rasoun & lunch with a local family

Hiking from Bergesh Cave to Rasoun & lunch with a local family

9km – 4 Hours – Moderate

We start from the Bergesh Cave in Bergesh Forest, and then we head east down the forested Wadi Zubia passing a cave spring and more ruins. We continue to the Qabla ruins where we can see remains of houses, caves and quarries. We head to the village of Rasoun on dirt tracks past olive groves and up steeply to the top of the ridge, where we can see caves in the cliff sides and nice views to the Ayoun villages.

Arriving to Rasoun, we will be welcomed by a local family and a delicious traditional lunch.


The price for this trip is 30JD per person.

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Ajloun Castle to Baoun & lunch with a local family

Hiking from Ajloun castle to Baoun & lunch with a local family

12km – 5 Hours – Moderate

From Ajloun Castle, we walk along the fertile wadi with its lush vegetation & gardens to the village of Baoun, the walkers will stumble upon Ras al Qasr, Byzantine ruins that according to legend still hide some well hidden treasures. Yet the town’s greatest claim to distinction lies not with archeology but with scholarship. Baoun is the ancestral hometown of a family which produced a series of Islamic scholars.

Experience true Jordanian hospitality, meet new people, and support the local community by signing up. Experience Jordan!


The price for this trip is 30JD per person.

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Wadi Hasa 2 day hike (Full trail)

20th & 21st October, 2017 – Friday & Saturday
Walking time: 6-7 hours each day
Level: Moderate/ difficult – long distance
Total Distance: around 25 km.

Wadi Hasa sports magnificent hanging gardens, narrow gorges and hot springs. Its upper reaches are carved into white limestone, creating a playground of giant boulders. A dramatic change of scenery is displayed along its lower course, where the wadi cuts a spectacular canyon in red sandstone.

The total distance is around 25 km. We will start at the Afra Hot Springs on the first day and end at Ghor Safi on the second. It’s a fantastic walk with relaxing views and multiple hot springs on the way to enjoy. The overnight will be spent next to the river in an area over 15Km from the nearest city lights, providing amazing views of the stars on a clear night.
The price for this trip is 100 JD per person.
Yoga trt 5

Yoga retreat and Hiking in Dana Reserve 

27th & 28st October, 2017 – Friday & Saturday

Join us at the beautiful Dana Reserve for an indulgently 2 days of peace and revitalization, nurturing yoga practices and some acroyoga playfulness with instructor Ahlam Serhan.
On Friday Oct 27th, we will arrive to Dana Reserve, settle into the rooms and get set and ready as we begin our evening sunset session of flow yoga and some playful partner and acroyoga, followed by dinner and a chilled evening in the mountains of Dana.
On Saturday Oct 28th, we will begin the day with a morning peaceful yet energizing flow yoga session, followed by breakfast and a 4 hour hike around the reserve.
The yoga sessions will include variations for all levels, consisting of a mix of hatha and vinyasa yoga including playful stretching and strengthening exercises. The acroyoga will be done in groups of 2-3, and is guaranteed to cause infectious fun and laughter!
The price for this trip is 80 JD per person.


Jordan Trail: Jesus Cave to Pella & Lunch with a local family

27th October – Friday, 2017

Distance: 10.9 km
Length: 4-5
Difficulty: Moderate

Pella is 1 of the 10 cities in the famed “Decapolis” – a Greek word which literally translates as “ten city” – and mentioned in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark. Much of the Decapolis, however, including Pella, was destroyed in the Great Earthquake of 749 CE, including Gadara (Umm Qays) and Gerasa (Jerash), both in modern-day Jordan. The disastrous results of the magnitude 7+ quake are still very present today, as the cities were never rebuilt, and you’ll be able to see firsthand the destruction it left behind.
Besides the engaging trail itself, other sites of interest we’ll encounter on the way are the ruins of a Byzantine-era church, as well as a cavern which is today known as “the Jesus Cave.” It is here where local tradition states Jesus came with his disciples at a time when they were hiding from the Judaean monarch Herod Agrippa.

The price for this trip is 35 JOD per person


Mountain biking trail – rajif to humeima & lunch with local bedouins 

27th October – Friday, 2017

Distance: 42.5 km
Length: 4.5 – 5.5 Hrs
Difficulty: Moderate – High

This trail begins after the town of Rajif (Near Petra), as we turn off the main road, we begin a long decent towards Wadi Rum on a beautiful gravel and dirt tracks leading through the countryside. Then around Abbasiya, get a true taste of the quintessential middle-eastern desert landscape as we cycle through isolated desert on caravan tracks on a long gradual downhill. Get the chance to experience local bedouin hospitality as we are taking our lunch break with a local Bedouin family in their tent.

The price for this trip is 60 JOD per person


The Jordan Trail: 2 day trek across Wadi Hidan and Zarqa Ma’in

3rd & 4th November, 2017 – Friday & Saturday

Distance: 1st day 11km/ 2nd day 17km
Difficulty: Moderate- Difficult


This trip will introduce you to one of the most spectacular sections of The Jordan Trail. We start on the South Rim of Wadi Hidan and traverse north across the Hidan and Wadi Zarqa Main.

The price for this trip is 70 JD per person.


the jordan trail: Ainun village to kerak

17th November, 2017 –  Friday
Distance: 9.5 km.
Time: 3-4 Hours 
Physical Challenge: Easy to Moderate 

Crossing the quiet country lanes heading north over hills past ruined villages to the edge of the plateau 1600 meters above the Dead Sea, Going through the almost abandoned village of Ainun located above an oxbow bend (Take time out to explore.), Eventually crossing the usually dry Wadi, Heading to Kerak castle on a good track high on the side of the impressively striated limestone valley of Wadi ed Dab’a (great views back to the castle and down the valley).

The price for this trip is 50 JD per person.


the jordan trail: Bani hamidah to zarqa ma’in & lunch

18th November, 2017 –  Saturday
Distance: 8 Km
Time: 3-4 Hours 
Physical Challenge: Easy to Moderate 
Join us on Saturday November 18th 2017, From Bani Hamidah mountain, near Makawer, we will hike along a high ridge overlooking the mountains of the Dead Sea, to descend all the way to Zarqa Ma’in.
Reserve your spot now for this exciting day-trip in Jordan’s back-country. Meet new people, make new friends, and seize the opportunity to experience the real Jordan!

The price for this trip is 30 JD per person.

little petra

Jordan Trail: Little Petra to Petra ( 2 day hike )

24th & 25th November, 2017 – Friday & Saturday
Walking time: 5-6 hours each day
Level: Moderate/ difficult
Total Distance: around 28 km.

Join us on a our 2 day hike along the Jordan Trail, this time we’re going to hike a spectacular section from Little Petra to Petra!
After visiting the hidden valley of Little Petra we cross the Baida region, we spend the night in a Bedouin camp(12km). In the morning we continue our hike towards the Petra gorges to arrive at the Monastery, high above the main site. We shall see some splendid views of the Rift Valley of Wadi Araba as we walk..
You’ll explore Petra’s tombs and temples, and then exit the city through the spectacular gorge(15km)!

The price of this trip is 100JD per person.

Jebel Al Hash

Wadi Rum: Jabal Hash

1st & 2nd December, 2017 – Friday & Saturday
Moderate – Scrambling – Camping – Hiking 

Jabal Al Hash is located in the Al Forah area, close to where the Jordanian border intersects the Saudi Arabian border. The hike is Easy and breathtaking in its beauty, this is probably the most beautiful mountain in Wadi Rum to scramble on, because as you arrive at the highest point (1700m above sea level) you will see all of the different colors that exist in Wadi Rum.

The price of this trip is 120 JD per person.


Dane to Petra Hike 4 Days

28th & 29th & 30th & 31st  December, 2017 – 

The Dana to Petra trek was rated as one of the world’s best hikes by National Geographic. Let us show you why. We arrange all the logistics, so you can just hike and enjoy the amazing scenery.

Price per person: 550 JD

We are proud to work with Jordan Trail association