Day Trips

Weekly hikes, trips & events for tourists and locals to Experience Jordan together

We love to get out on the weekends and explore Jordan. Come and join us for a hike, a bike ride, exploring a canyon or one of our cultural events, such as wine tasting or clay modelling. We can also arrange any of our trips as a private trip for your group. Just get in touch!


Eid Trip!! Wadi Rum & Snorkeling in Aqaba (2 Day trip).

Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th August, 2018


Jeep tour – Snorkeling – Boat ride – BBQ lunch
For People who wish to experience the beautiful desert in Wadi Rum and cool off afterward – join us during Eid for our trip to the “Valley of the Moon” and snorkeling in Aqaba!!
Enjoy an exhilarating off road trip by 4×4 vehicles through this majestic place to immerse yourself in its beauty and ever-changing colors. Rumble along desert valleys, through narrow gorges and past red dunes and mountains. We will sleep under the stars and at then transfer to Aqaba in the morning. There, we will go for a boat trip in the middle of the Red Sea with an opportunity to snorkel and dive, and for lunch we are going to have an amazing BBQ on the boat!


***The price for this trip is 120 JD per person.


The Jordan trail: Bergesh to Rasoun & Dinner with a local family

31st August, 2018 – Friday


Distance: 11 Km
Length: 4 Hours
Difficulty: Moderate
We start from the Bergesh Cave in Bergesh Forest, and then we head east down the forested Wadi Zubia passing a cave spring and more ruins. We continue to the Qabla ruins where we can see remains of houses, caves and quarries. We head to the village of Rasoun on dirt tracks past olive groves and up steeply to the top of the ridge, where we can see caves in the cliff sides and nice views to the Ayoun villages.
Arriving to Rasoun, we will be welcomed by a local family and a delicious traditional Dinner.


The price for this trip is 30 JD per person.


Cooking class with beit khairat souf in Jerash & a short hike

1st September, 2018 – Friday


Local Food – Cooking – Jerash – Hiking


Beit Khairat Souf is a local project that was established by women in Souf. Souf is a breathtaking village in Jerash Governorate that is inhabited by farmers. It is known for its beautiful nature, Olive orchards, Almond trees & Vineyards. On this day we are going to learn how to cook traditional food such as Galayeh (Tomato pan), Sajeyeh, different Salads, Mtabbal & many other delicious meals. We will also have a short hike through the beautiful nature of Souf. It’s an unique chance to meet and exchange with local farmers that shouldn’t be missed!


The price of this experience is 40 JD per person.


Afanah to Rasoun  & Lunch with a local family

7th September, 2018 – Friday


Distance: 10KM
Length: 3-4 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

We will hike from Afana to Rasoun across Jordan’s beautiful northern landscape. This will not be one to miss, being called “one of the best walks in the north of Jordan!”


The walk starts at Khirbet Afana with its huge Roman underground cisterns and numerous cave dwellings and tombs. We’ll continue gently downhill through the trees and tended fields with rock walls & gorgeous views overlooking the village of Rasoun.


The price of this hike is 35 JD per person.


Wadi al – Mujib (Siq Trail)

8th September, 2018 – Saturday


Distance: 5 km
Length: 3-4 Hours
Difficulty: Moderate

Wadi Mujib, located by the Dead Sea, it’s the most famous Wadi in Jordan; this canyon is known for its water stream and pools, you will get totally wet there, The trail starts at the Visitor Center near the Mujib Bridge, where you will take the walkway over the dam and follow the course of the river between towering sandstone cliffs to the base of a large waterfall. It’s a part of the Mujib Biosphere Reserve, the lowest nature reserve on Earth.

Please note that the age limit is 18.

The price of this hike is 40 JD per person.


Ras Al Feid/ furon to little Petra hike (2 day trip)

14th – 15th September, 2018 – Friday & Saturday.


Distance: 1st Day 17KM / 2nd Day 10KM
Length: 6-7 hours for each day
Difficulty: Difficult

We will start hiking from Furon past Ras Al-Feid towards Ghbour Whedat along Safaha Mountain & Sharah Mountains while following a clear Bedouin shepherd trail. The views overlooking the black mountains, canyons & Wadi Araba will make this day absolutely spectacular. Between Gbour Whedat and little Petra you will pass many sites such as Ba’ajah ruins, Siq Ba’ajah, the Nabataeans wine and olive presses, water tanks, wells and the Nabataean rock carved facades and then on to Little Petra.


The price of this hike is 120 JD* per person.


*not included entrance fees to Little Petra- 1 JD For Jordanians and residents & 50 JD for tourists


The Jordan Trail: Ajloun to Baoun & Lunch with a local family

21st  September, 2018 – Friday.


 Distance: 12 KM
Length: 3 – 4  hours
Difficulty: Moderate

From Ajloun Castle, we walk along the fertile wadi with its lush vegetation & gardens to the village of Baoun, the walkers will stumble upon Ras al Qasr, Byzantine ruins that according to legend still hide some well hidden treasures. Yet the town’s greatest claim to distinction lies not with archeology but with scholarship. Baoun is the ancestral hometown of a family which produced a series of Islamic scholars.


The price of this hike is 35 JD per person.


Hiking from Rehaba to Deir Abi Saeed & Lunch with a local family

22nd  September, 2018 – Saturday.


 Distance: 15 KM
Length: 5-6  hours
Difficulty: Moderate

This trail starts from Rehaba village Southern Irbid passing through the beautiful landscape of Tubneh village and ending near Deir Abi Saeed Village. This trail is one of a kind as we will go through dry canyons, and explore some old aged cisterns and springs and if we were lucky, we might get to see some Red foxes along the trail “fingers crossed”!

(There will be a good uphill along the hike).


The price of this hike is 40 JD per person.


Hiking The almond trail & lunch with a local family

28th  September, 2018 – Friday.


 Distance: 12 KM
Length: 4-5  hours
Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

This magnificent hike overlooking the great rift valley is just spectacular. Stroll through almond and olive orchards as you enjoy stunning views over three countries. You can also overlook the Golan Heights, the Yarmouk River and the Sea of Galilee where according to local saying, Jesus drove a demon possessed swine into the lake.


The price of this hike is 45 JD per person.


The Jordan Trail: Rakin to Karak & local lunch

6th  October,  2018 – Saturday.


 Distance: 9 KM
Length: 3-4  hours
Difficulty: Moderate

We will start from Rakin Village, heading towards Karak castle with great views over Kerak, then hike through two dry wadis below, before taking a track up to the main road arriving opposite the castle’s Christian Gate and Cemetery, where steps lead up into the old town. After the hike we will visit Karak Castle.


The price of this hike is 40 JD per person.


Wadi Hasa 2 day hike (full trail) 

 Friday 12th & Saturday 13th – October, 2018


Distance: 25 km
Length: 6-7 Hours each day
Difficulty: Moderate – Difficult (Long distance)


Beautiful Wadi Hasa offers magnificent hanging gardens, narrow gorges and hot springs. Its upper reaches are carved into white limestone, creating a playground of giant boulders. A dramatic change of scenery is displayed along its lower course, where the wadi cuts a spectacular canyon in red sandstone.


The total distance is around 25 km. We will start at the Afra Hot Springs on the first day and end at Ghor Safi on the second. It’s a fantastic walk with relaxing views and multiple hot springs on the way to enjoy. The overnight will be spent next to the river, located over 15Km from the nearest city lights, providing amazing views of the stars on a clear night.


The price of this hike is 100 JD per person.


The Jordan Trail: Ma’tan to Dana (2 day trip)

19th & 20th October,  2018 – Friday & Saturday.


Distance: 15.5 KM
Length: 6 hours
Difficulty: Difficult

Starting from Ma’tan eco-village towards Dana, we will follow a tough downhill track with spectacular views over Tafilah and pass an impressive dry Wadi before we head all the way up to Dana Village. On the way we will pass once again amazing views overlooking Buseira village and canyons, and finally arrive at a spot with an absolutely stunning panorama over Wadi Dana. A challenging hike, yet such a spectacular one. The second day we will have a hike around Dana reserve.


The price of this hike is 100 JD per person.


The Jordan Trail: Bani Hamida to zarqa Ma’in & Local lunch

26th October,  2018 – Friday.


Distance: 8 KM
Length: 3 – 4 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

From Bani Hamidah mountain, near Mukawer, we will hike along a high ridge overlooking the mountains of the Dead Sea, and then descend all the way to Zarqa Ma’in.  After the hike we will have an Arabic Dinner at Jabal Bani Hamida View, with delicious traditional dishes.


The price of this hike is 35 JD per person.


Jordan Trail: Mathloutha to Hidan & Lunch with a local family

2nd November,  2018 – Friday.


Distance: 11 KM
Length: 4 hours
Difficulty: Moderate


We’ll start the hike following the southern rim of Wadi Mujib overlooking both the Hidan and Mujib Gorges. Just beyond, an unexpected but once again spectacular Bedouin shepherds’ path descends steeply through cliffs and down another ridge to the depths of the massive Mujib Gorge, entering its seemingly inaccessible lower reaches by a path built down a cliff. We might need to cross a water stream to reach our bus at the end of the hike, so expect your feet to get wet.


The price of this hike is 40 JD per person.


Jordan Trail: little petra to petra (2 day trip)

9th & 10th November,  2018 – Friday & Saturday.


Distance: 24 KM
Length: 5-6 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

We will start at the region Gbour Wahdat and hike to Baida, aka Little Petra, visit the site and then enjoy an overnight in a beautify camp with the hospitality of the local bedouins. In the morning we continue our hike towards the Petra gorges to arrive at the Monastery, high above the main site. We shall see some splendid views of the Rift Valley of Wadi Araba as we walk.


You’ll explore Petra’s tombs and temples, and then exit the city through the spectacular gorge (15km)!


*The price of this trip is 100JD* per person. 

*Price doesn’t include Petra entry fees (1JD for Jordanians and residents/ 50JD for tourists).

*For foreigners living in Jordan DON’T FORGET your Jordanian residence card.


wadi rum: jabal um ad-dami (2 day trip)

16th & 17th November,  2018 – Friday & Saturday.


Scrambling – Jeep tour – Camping – Mountaineering


To people who wish to have a nice weekend in Wadi Rum desert, combined with some adventure: Join us on our trip to the “Valley of the Moon” to climb the highest peak in Jordan!



The highest peak in Jordan is Jabal Umm ad Dami (1854m), 35km south-east from Wadi Rum Village on the border with Saudi Arabia. Jabal Umm ad Dami is a moderate hike/scramble from the foot of the mountain, about 2-3 hour to the top, with a few short breaks in the heat. There are stunning desert views from this mountain!


The price for this trip is 120 JD per person.


the Jordan Trail: Ainun to Kerak & Local lunch

23rd November,  2018 – Friday.


Distance: 10 KM
Length: 3-4 hours
Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

Crossing the quiet country lanes, heading north over hills, past village ruins to the edge of the plateau 1600 meters above the Dead Sea, through the almost abandoned village of Ainun located above an oxbow bend. Take some time to explore! Afterwards, we will pass the usually dry Wadi and head to Karak castle on a good track that runs high on the side of the impressively striated limestone valley of Wadi ed Dab’a (great views back to the castle and down the valley).


The price of this hike is 40 JD per person.

We are proud to work with Jordan Trail association