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Tracing not only hiking paths, but also the region’s rich cultural and historical heritages, Michaela Trimble followed the Jordan Trail from Dana to Petra. Read more

The Washington Post

Travel journalist Anja Mutic discovers the small city of Umm Qais – the northern starting point for both the Jordan Trail and the Jordan Bike Trail – where tourism projects have brought new life and economic perspectives. Read more


Michaela Trimble reports about American’s increasing interest in traveling to the Middle East. Don’t miss Matt Loveland’s statement about Jordan as a safe and uniquely diverse traveling destination! Read more

Condé Nast Traveller Middle East

“Until I walked across Jordan, I had never fully grasped the diversity of its landscape.” – Read more about Jen Murphy’s impressions hiking the Jordan trail. Read more


“This is the best way to see Jordan” – Michaela Trimble gives a detailed account on her experiences hiking the Jordan Trail. Read more


Louise Southerden shares her experience hiking the Jordan Trail from Dana to Petra. Read more

Fodor’s Travel

Where and when to go, what to see, whom to meet – read anything you need to know about the ancient rose city of Petra! by Teddy Minford Read more

Kim Brown Seely – Blog

Award-winning travel writer Kim Brown Seely takes her readers on the Jordan Trail from Dana to Petra. Read more

Daily Beast

“In May, I had the bracing experience of hiking a 45-mile section of the rugged Jordan Trail, recently named by National Geographic Traveler as one of the best hikes in the world. […] As I walked in amber sandstone Wadis, past sparse Bedouin settlements and up craggy narrow slopes, I felt the dusty layers of thousands of years under my feet.” – Mona Gable about hiking the Jordan trail Read more

Traveling Jackie – Blog

Blogger Jackie took a group of seven travelers on a 9-day trip to hike the Jordan Trail, discover Wadi Rum, float in the Dead Sea and experience many other adventures. Read more

TravelAge West

What is a bike ride to the ancient city of Petra like? Will McGough shares his experiences. Read more

Voyageons Autrement (in French)

Voulez-vous decouvrir la Jordanie “autrement” – de manière plus douce, plus authentique, plus active? Gagnez d’inspiration pour votre prochain voyage de cet article de journaliste Florie Thielin.
Would you like to discover Jordan in a “different” (i.e. softer, more authentic and active) way? Let this article by travel journalist Florie Thielin inspire you. Read more


Climbing Magazine

Kevin Corrigan and James Lucas share Jordan’s most stunning climbing spots and more details about their 12day trip discovering the kingdom. Read more


Snoqualmie Valley Record

15 year old Jack Mandelkorn took a slightly different holiday than many of his peers and traveled to Jordan to help mapping the Jordan Bike Trail. Read more




Leon McCarron

The Land Beyond: A Thousand Miles on Foot through the Heart of the Middle East


The Land Beyond is a journey through time, from the quagmire of current geopolitics to the original ideals of the faithful, through the layers of history, culture and religion that have shaped the Holy Land. But at its heart, it is the story of people, not politics and of the connections that can bridge seemingly insurmountable barriers.