Jordan Trail

What is the Jordan Trail?

The Jordan Trail is a walking trail crossing and connecting the length of the country of Jordan from Um Qais in the north to Aqaba and the Red Sea in the south. Offering 40 days of trekking across more than 600 kilometers of trail, it traverses the diverse landscapes and vistas of the country: the rolling wooded hills of the north, the rugged wadis and cliffs overlooking the Jordan Rift Valley, the salty waters of the Dead Sea, the pink sandstone rock of Petra, the dramatic sands and towering mountains in Wadi Rum, and the colorful corals of the Red Sea. It is also a journey through the layers of Jordanian history and an encounter with the country’s peoples and their cultures, traditions, and cuisine.

Experience Jordan on The Trail


The Jordan Trail was a project that came about with the effort of many people that slowly but increasingly built up over a 20 year period.  As a company, our interest in the idea of the Jordan Trail came naturally from our outdoor pursuits.  Our efforts on the Jordan Trail started with joining our friends Tony Howard and Diane Taylor, long time explorers and adventurers, in trying to join up all the pieces in the puzzle of trails crossing the country.  We hired a young adventurer to work full time on the project from 2013 to 2015.  Together with with other Jordanian and foreign hikers we would research on Google Earth and maps, and then drive around endlessly scouting Jordan for the best paths; before finally walking and GPS-ing routes.  Local communities often were invaluable in pointing out and showing old walking and shepherding trails, as well as in providing limitless qualities of sweet tea.  Next was map making and incorporating all the information in a website.  By 2015 the project was getting to big and needed to be formalised.  We helped set up an association to continue the development of the Jordan Trail.  Since its inception the Jordan Trail Association has become the focal point for and taken the lead in developing and the Jordan Trail.  We remain supportive and active in any way we can.


Currently, there are many sections that are very difficult to hike independently, due to various logistical challenges, such as transportation, accommodation, water & food. In the wider Experience Jordan team, we have all the local connections to provide a completely supported trip on any day or section of the trail.

Dana to Petra


Perhaps the most popular multi-day route is the Dana to Petra, which has various options, 4, 5 or 6 days, including options for some transfers mid-route to bi-pass a steep ascent. Depending on your fitness level, time availability, accommodation requirements, we can put together a custom package to suit your needs. We have experience in making this route accessible for family adventures, as shown in the video

3 Caynons – Wadis Mujib, Hidan & Zarqa Main


Besides the Dana to Petra trek, there are lots of other multi-day routes we’d recommend. For the more adventurous, there is the 3-day trek crossing the 3 wadis of Wadi Mujib, Wadi Hidan and Wadi Zarqa Main. We can offer this as a guided unsupported trek, as shown in the video, or with support, i.e. all food and accommodation.

Wadi Rum & Aqaba


In the south for the desert lovers, there is the longer Petra to Aqaba route, passing through the martian landscape of Wadi Rum. There are lots of options for extension in Wadi Rum, including scrambling or climbing, camel tours, horse riding tours, and the opportunity to live with the bedouin, experiencing their local way of life.


Whatever your fitness level, time availability, budget and comfort preference, we can customise a tour for you.

Local Communities


In conjunction with the Jordan Trail, we want to support the growth of local community based tourism service providers across the country. We have helped to pioneer this in the Ayoun region of north Jordan. We have worked closely with local hikers to help develop them as guides for our groups, and develop family homestays. We have run workshops for local families to educate them on the standards expected by tourists wanting to stay in their homes, and regular send individuals and groups to these families for overnight accommodation. We are also supporting them to develop new products that they can use, such as developing a story-telling visit. We worked with one of the local families to help them develop a range of local stories they could share with incoming groups, shared over a meal, to educate and inform groups about local life. We tested this with a local international school from the capital, bringing Jordanian and international students to hear the stories.

Walk the trail:

Our experienced team walked the whole country from north to south to be ready to help you plan your walk along the trail!