Dead Sea Triathlon & Duathlon – Friday 21st April 2017

Race History

The Dead Sea Triathlon follows on from the success of the Jordan Valley Triathlon which was started in 2013.  In 2016 the event moved locations to the Lagoon Resort overlooking Dead Sea.  The event was organised in partnership between Experience Jordan, Bedouin Bikes / Tri Jordan and the Dead Sea Lagoon and Resort.  The race is a traditional triathlon, rather than the adventure triathlon of previous years.  From 2017 onwards, the event has been handed over to the Jordan Triathlon Federation to take over the management of the race, still with the support of Experience Jordan.  

The race has two events, a Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon.  The Triathlon combines  a 750m Swim, 20Km Road Cycling and 5Km Run.  The Duathlon consists of a 5Km Run, a 20Km Road Cycle and a 2.5Km Run.  The race is set in the fantastic Lagoon Resort, with the swim in their huge 400m long swimming pool, the cycle leg is on the public roads outside the resort overlooking the Dead Sea, and the run is 4 laps along the track around the pool inside the resort.

cycling triathlon
Triathlon Run

Race Trailer:

Here is a little taste of what’s in store at the first Dead Sea Triathlon & Duathlon.  Please note we were testing the water temperature with and without wetsuits.  The temperature ranges between 16-18 degree centigrade, so wetsuits aren’t required.  

Race Date:

The next race, will be held on Friday 21st April 2017.  For details information, please see the Jordan Triathlon Federation event details here.


Race Location:

The race is set in the beautiful surroundings of the Dead Sea Lagoon Hotel and Resort, overlooking the Dead Sea.  The Resort is 30 minutes from Amman.  


Map of Race Location:

Race Distance:

There are two races, a Triathlon and Duathlon, both Sprint Distances.

The Triathlon combines  a 750m Swim, 20Km Road Cycling and 5Km Run.  The Duathlon consists of a 5Km Run, a 20Km Road Cycle and a 2.5Km Run.

For the Triathlon only, we also have a team relay category, for teams of 2 or 3 for the Triathlon.  For the triathlon relay each member must complete at least one of the sections of the race, i.e. the first athlete will cover the swimming session, the second the cycling, and the third or any one the first two do the running section.  

Age Restriction:

Due to the physical challenges of the event, we can only accept individual registrations from competitors 15 years old and above.  Competitors 15-17 years old need approval from a parent or guardian, understanding there are risks involved in participating in a event such as this .


Ability Requirement:

This event is not for the feint-hearted.  The expected finish times are between 1 hour for an elite athlete and 1 1/2 to 2 hours for mere mortals.  All competitors must sign a waiver to compete. The swim is in a pool, with life guards present at all times.  The cycle section is on open public roads close to the resort.  Although we cannot close the road, they are very quiet and have limited traffic.  The route will be two laps, and the elevation is mostly flat, with a small gradual incline.  The running is 3 laps on a smooth concrete path around the pool. Competitors in the triathlon must be competent swimmers.  



Like Triathlons around the world, we are not splitting the category for mountain or road bikes.  We recognise those with road bikes have an advantage, but that is the reality of Triathlon.  You can bring your own bike, or we have arranged a partnership with Bike Rush and Cycling Jordan.  You need to contact them directly to pay for a bike.  


The route is on smooth road, so hopefully there should be no issues with puncture.  If you hire a bike from Cycling Jordan or Bike Rush, they will have a mechanic station along the route, so if you do get a puncture, you should have to go too far before you reach the station.  They will be able to change the wheel for you.  Please note this station is only available for those renting bikes from Cycling Jordan and Bike Rush.




Health and Safety:

We do our utmost to keep you safe. There will be an ambulance and first aid professionals present at the start area of the course. There will be lifeguards overseeing the water safety, and the run and cycle legs will be lined with marshals to keep an eye on everyone. 

Race Clothes:
Last year participants were asked to wear specific clothing to complay with the lagoon resort standard.  This will not be the case in this year race, we agreed with the resort magement to use Internationnal triathlon union standard tri suit as in the images in the following link any equivalent is acceptable.  Please wear clothing similar to this.

Route Information – Dead Sea Triathlon & Duathlon

Route Map:

Triathlon Sprint

Swim 750m – 1 lap (red line)

Cycle 20Km – 2 laps (blue line)

Run 5Km – 4 laps (green line)

Duathlon Sprint

Run 5Km – 4 laps (green line)

Cycle 20Km – 2 laps (blue line)

Run 2.5Km – 2 laps (green line)

Fees & Registration – Dead Sea Triathlon & Duathlon

Registration Details:

To register online please click on the folwing link:–duathlon

Direct regestration will open soon in:
Golds gym
Cycling jordan
Bike rush

  • ENTRY FEES: Participation fees is 40JD per person, that cover the participation fees and a buffet meal after the race.


Spectators: 12JD, cover the entrance and includes a buffet meal after the race. this charge will be fully paid to the Lagoon resort as entry fees.

Note: if you wish to spend the rest of the day in the resort extra fees apply and you will need to pay the normal entrance fees to the resort dirtectly.


Ammar Satari
Mob: + 962 7 7674 2472


Adam amawi