Experience Petra: Enter via the ‘Back Door’

If you come to Jordan, you absolutely have to take the opportunity to discover the Nabataean city of Petra. Carved in beautiful red rock more than 2000 years ago, the impressive buildings and long staircases take present day visitors back in time and hold many secrets to discover.


We highly recommend entering Petra via the back route, which takes you on unbeaten paths past the Monastery (ad-Deir). This way, you will escape the majority of other tourists amd end up with an enriched encounter of this magical site.





The ‘back door route’ can be done in one day – from Little Petra to Petra – but we recommend re-entering  Petra via the stunning “Siq” the next morning. Also, for the more passionate hikers among us, there is the option to do a the full Dana to Petra trek. That trek can be completed in around 5 days is rated by National Geographic as one of the best hikes in the world. The full hike is generally done with a tour company as the trek goes through some very remote and beautiful scenery.


In the first option, you will hike through the mountains from Little Petra to Petra on the first day. Along the way enjoy taking in spectacular landscapes and the monastery, arriving at Petra with time for exploration. If you’re staying the night in Petra you can attend ‘Petra by Night’, where the sight is illuminated by hundreds of candles.



The next morning we recommend re-entering Petra the common way: via the Siq. You will walk through the canyon, walls of rose-colored stone towering above you on each side. While walking the anticipation builds as you feel yourself nearing the heart of the ancient site. Suddenly, there it is, right in front of you!


The appearance of the Treasury at the end of the gorge is a breathtaking moment. But you will be the lucky one. By first entering via the ‘back door’ and early the next morning via the Siq, you will have gotten the best of both worlds. Petra is so immaculate it is best taken in from multiple angles and lighting. From the afternoon, evening, and morning sunlight to candlelight Petra’s majesty can be witnessed many different ways. 


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Or you can request to add it on to any of our private tours!