Experience Jordan Hike in the South of Jordan

Experience Winter: Activity Suggestions for Expats, Locals, and Visitors to Jordan

The weather is fickle, meaning it is cold, then warm, then cold. But don’t be discouraged! The days are getting longer despite the cold and damp weather. Resist the natural tendency to withdraw from society and bundle up in your home.

Yes, it may be chilly but there are plenty of things you can be doing to warm yourself up.


In Amman

On and around Rainbow Street there are several fantastic art galleries, all within walking distance of each other, and either have a cozy coffee shop or are next to cozy coffee shops. Take a warming walk through the streets, visit such interior galleries and marvel at the beautiful art, then refresh yourself with a hot drink and sweet treat!


Speaking of coffee: don’t let the darker evenings stop you from socializing. Giving in to the cold will only make you feel worse- get out into a vibrant neighborhood! Whether you want to sit and sip coffee (or something stronger) in a quirky café in Weibdeh, make a meal at Beit Sitti, or go to one of the many upcoming concerts like the Snow Queen Ballet.


Dar Al Anda_Amman_Jo


Dead Sea

Or here’s another option if you’ve been feeling a little blue with all the cold: take the chance to pamper yourself and visit a hotel by the Dead Sea. The climate there is an average of 10 degrees warmer than in Amman, so you can thaw yourself out a little! Although, these hotels are so lovely that you don’t even have to venture outdoors if you do not wish to. You could go for a day, or a night, or a week!


Hiking In the South

For those of you who really really want to escape the house, the winter season should by no means put an end to your adventurous exploits. The colder climate makes hikes in the southern deserts far more appealing, for example the famous Little Petra-Petra route can be done at this time of year.


Speaking of Petra- why not go? Even if you’ve been before you are bound to discover something new; try a hike route you haven’t bothered with previously. There are many trails around and through Petra to explore.


As always you can join us for our weekly hikes around Jordan. Guaranteed to stay warm and experience something unique. The landscape in Jordan changes with the seasons and you really don’t want to miss seeing green plants sprouting from the desert.


ExJO_Hike Petra to Little Petr


The country of Jordan has a lot to offer, don’t take it for granted this winter. Explore and enjoy!