Is Jordan Safe to Visit?

“Is Jordan safe?”


The question everybody seems to be asking. Especially after all the recent events involving the rise and battle against terrorism in the Middle East. As well as the notable presence of ISIS in the region and the systematic rise of political turmoil. There’s always going to be the people who’d never even think of visiting the Middle East in fear of what may happen. However, you can rest assured Jordan takes its national security very, very seriously.



I was born in Jordan, but I’ve lived in Canada since I was two! I’ve only recently come back to live here in Jordan. And regardless of the fact that I’m Jordanian, even I had a little doubt about coming back to what I call my home. So, its natural for anyone planning to visit Jordan to harbor doubts, but again, Jordan’s national security is unparalleled in the Middle East. In fact, Jordan ranks higher than The United States of America on the global peace index and is in the same category as Greece, Thailand, and the UAE ¹. So, the question remains: “Is Jordan safe?”


That being said, my experience in Jordan in regards to my touring of the country, have been met with the utmost satisfaction. 


Jordan is steadily progressing towards becoming a progressive place and while we still hold onto our cultural roots, we’ve managed to establish a state of homeostasis in the Kingdom. We’ve balanced progress with our traditions. Jordan has become the Ideal place to experience Arab traditions and culture. You’ll be met with what we like to call in Jordan: Jordanian hospitality. It’s similar to southern hospitality in the States except its unilateral across the entire country. Northern, eastern, western, and southern hospitality. So, now let’s ask ourselves again. Is Jordan Safe? I for one can sleep easy at night knowing I’m closing my eyes in a safe country. 



Experience Jordan Adventures offers amazing tours of the country along both the Jordan Trail and The Jordan Bike Trail. They stretch from Um-Qais to Aqaba and are the perfect way to experience Jordan the way it should be experienced. You’ll travel in time and walk in the footsteps of Emperors and prophets alike. Feel the history seeping from the cracks and crevices of the ruins of ancient Jerashia, and the seemingly timeless Rose City. Live the Indiana Jones movies as if you were Indian Jones, Archaeologist, and Adventurer, himself. And you’ll experience Jordanian culture as if you were Jordanian yourself.


¹Global Peace Index 2017