Is it safe to visit Jordan at the moment?

Jordan is a very hospitable country, with some of the world’s most ancient and beautiful places to visit. But in neighboring countries, like Syria, Iraq, and Israel / Palestine, the presence of conflict and unrest  has discouraged many travelers to come over the last few years.


Jordan, however, is a separate country, and we can say with confidence that it continues to remain a safe, welcoming and hospitable place. 


At “Experience Jordan” the safety of our customers is our primary concern – we will thus not offer any tours if we feel that you would be exposed to the slightest risk from conflict. It is our intention to reflect a fair and honest image of how things are on the ground, and it’s one we take seriously. Since our offices are based in Jordan, and we are an international team of locals and expats who enjoy living here with our families, we can ensure you that we all always up to date regarding the safety situation.


Not convinced yet?! Listen and see what these travelers have to say about their experience in the country:

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