Our Team


Matt Loveland


Matt is the co-founder and General Manager. His background includes being a Chartered Engineer, Project Manager and Climbing Instructor. He fell in love with Jordan in 2006.

Ayman Abd-AlKareem


Ayman works as a hiking and canyoning guide. When he’s not hiking with work, he’s hiking with friends. He’s famous in Jordan for his smile and the amazing meals he cooks in the middle of nowhere.

Basma Hayudini


Basma manages all our regional tours, an expert on both Jordan and Israel/Palestine. She’s a private person, but we think she’s an MMA fighter in her spare time.

Tala Dabain


Tala joined the Experience Jordan Team to pursue her passion of photography, hiking, nature and adventures. She is ambitious, sees beauty all around her, lives life with passion and purpose and puts her heart into everything she does.

Ahlam Serhan


Ahlam is our go to girl for anything: a qualified yoga instructor, graphic designer, tour operator, project manager and all round coolest girl in town who enlightens our day with her happy laugh.

Raísa Jorge


Raisa holds a degree in Journalism but has become one of our tour operators by passion. As an adventure seeker, she is a fortunate person who has chosen two careers leading to the greatest experiences one can possibly have: New places, tastes, essences, people and their life-changing stories.

Enas Al-Hinti


Enas became part of the team in 2018 after quitting her job in the insurance sector. Since then she’s putting her analytical skills to work as a tour operator. In the weekends, she can be found outdoors, or behind her sewing machine creating beautiful dresses, bracelets and all kinds of handicrafts.

Christina Emad


Christina is one of our youngest team members. She joined Experience Jordan only recently but we already wouldn’t know what to do without her. Originally a trained Architect, she has the skills to build the perfect trip schedule for an unforgettable experience in Jordan.

Andy Nurse


Andy is our business development manager. After having moved here with only his backpack, his first task with Experience Jordan was the development of the Jordan Bike Trail. Camping from north to south swept him of his feet, therefore, he has no plans of leaving this beautiful country.

Karl Sorri


Karl joined the team in 2017 in order to connect adventure tourists with rural communities, beautiful scenery, and unique experiences. He loves the fact that there is so much to do and explore across the varied landscapes of Jordan.

Anton Al-Sager


Anton manages our cycling tours and loves to discover new routes and passageways to add to his everlasting list. From up north in Umm Qais all the way to Aqaba in the south you can see him riding his bike.

Jawad Abu Rumman


Jawad is one of our guides who also manages local trips so anyone can explore this beautiful country. He is an accountant who loves sports, nature and Jordan. Whether in Ajloun, the Dead Sea or in a Wadi, he enjoys sharing the beauty of Jordan with others.

Mahmoud Attal


Mahmoud has joined experience Jordan in 2017 and aspires to be the youngest licensed adventure guide in Jordan. He is ambitious, open to learn new things, enjoys adventure and hiking. In his free time, you can see him climbing over every mountain in the country.

Sadam Rashid


Saddam joined Experience Jordan in 2018 when he decided to turn his love for spending time in the nature into a career. As one of our tour guides for the weekly walks, he also enjoys every opportunity to bring Jordanian culture and traditions closer to everyone from near and far.